About Us

When family comes together for a business venture, everything else falls into place. It is definitely true for our family. As brothers who loved the construction industry from a young age, it made sense to make it the cornerstone of our business.

We run an asphalt paving company in Midlothian that serves both residential and commercial customers. Whether a homeowner needs a new driveway for their house, or a small business is looking for repairs to their driveways, we are happy to help. We always charge fair rates, while it is our belief that offering a guarantee on our work is a must.

Running a small business in the United States is not easy these days. There are many challenges and hurdles to overcome. Being in the construction industry is not easy either. It is a demanding industry, for both business owners and workers. It is why we believe in treating our workers fairly.

When you hire us for construction work, you should know that you are helping to support all our full-time workers, who earn a living wage. Why do we pay our workers more than most companies in the area? Because they are the best. And also because it is our philosophy that when your workers are earning a good wage, they are going to do a much better job.

Making a bit of money off new customers is not how we operate. If you need some help with your driveway, but you are not sure on the service you need, we offer a free consultation. We will send someone to your home to assess your driveway. They can give you a quick recommendation and estimate on repairs. We can also discuss the option of a completely new driveway installation too.

There are no conditions attached to our free consultation. If you do not require our service, it is the end of the matter. But the consultation does help new customers understand what we can offer – and the prices of our different services. We hope that our free consultation will help every new customer get the services they need for their driveway.